Hi there! ~
Thanks for stopping by! How can I help you?...naaaaat! This page is just for me, you may not even like it, I may not even like it, but hey, life got me here to be able to put this together and hopefully may alleviate some curiosities you may have about how I have survived to my 35th year. May the overtime from the 27 club loooong continue.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.

The translation of a picture says 1000 words is incorrect, the correct translation is:
'a picture says 10,000 words',


I may write about some of the pictures if there is information i dont wish to forget, if you wish to know more, but mainly from here on there will just be a catalog of me, about me, for me,,,that I may never tell anyone about ^_^

" T O T A L   E P I C   W I N "